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Unit: Ningbo Bureau of Quality and
Technical Supervision
Address: No.28, Wang'ai Road, Jiangdong, Ningbo
Postcode: 315041
Tel: 0574-87876300
E-mail: webmaster@nbzj.gov.cn
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Division of Policies and Regulations

 Director: Chen Chuanxing 
Address:  Organ Building 7, No 28, Wang'ai Road, Jiangdong, Ningbo 
Responsibility:To enforce laws, regulations, guiding principles and policies on quality and technical supervision prescribed by the State; to draft local rules and regulations on quality and technical supervision; To guide and supervise the administration and justice of quality and technical supervision; To handle judicial reviews as regards quality and technical supervision; To organize and guide legal system publicizing and training as well as assessment of law executors.