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Haishu carrying out the safety inspection of the gas bottle filling unit before the festival
Author: Haishu District Market Supervision Bureau            time:2018-02-08 
  In order to further ensure the safe operation of special equipment and ensure the peaceful and auspicious Spring Festival for the masses, the Haishu District Market Supervision Bureau carried out a pre - Holiday safety inspection for the cylinders filling units in the area.
  The main law enforcement officers to check the Ningbo city Yinzhou high sea wave gas factory, Ningbo Haishu Dragon Gas Company Limited, Ningbo Haishu Gas Company Limited, Ningbo prosperous Haishu Gaoqiao Zhenhai liquefied petroleum gas Co. Ltd., Ningbo Yinzhou Changhong gas supply station, Ningbo City, Haishu Sheng Ning transportation company limited water liquefied gas storage and distribution station of 4 LPG filling units and 2 industrial gas filling unit, check on the site for each unit filling, inspection equipment, personnel and the daily safety management, and access to the relevant safety management ledger.
  From the results of inspection, every unit can be filled according to the requirements of relevant laws and regulations. No expiration bottles were found at the scene. The storage tanks, pressure pipes and other equipment and safety accessories were all tested and effective, and the personnel were in good condition. For some LPG units, there are some problems such as inadequate on-site management of filling units, partial replacement of gas cylinders, no posting and warning labels, etc., and law enforcement officers are required to correct them immediately, do well in standard filling and ensure safety.