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The leadership of the Municipal Bureau inspecting the safety and security work of the special equipment before the Beilu
Author: Grass-roots Bureau            time:2018-01-17 
  On the morning of January 16th, three members of the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, the Party committee member and the inspector Fu Junqing came to Beilun Lantau Peak paradise to check and guide the safety protection of special equipment. Hu Yuecheng, the party secretary and director of the Beilun Market Supervision Bureau, accompanied the chief engineer Fang Miao Guo. The inspection team heard the overall introduction of the safety management work of the special equipment in the park of Beilun Lantau Peak paradise, and visited the paradise on the spot. Fu Junqing gave a high degree of evaluation to the safety management of special equipment in Lantau Peak Park, and put forward three requirements for the next stage.
  First, it is necessary to strengthen the hidden trouble of the long term amusement facilities, especially to ensure the quality of the maintenance parts.
  The two is to vigorously carry out the use of unit classification and evaluation work, own unique dual prevention system formed at the Provincial Bureau of the relevant evaluation based on the specification.
  The three is to strengthen the analysis of similar safety accidents and exchange of experience, and constantly improve the safety management level of special equipment in the industry.