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Cixi Bureau carried out quality inspection work on the double 12 network commodity line
Author: Cixi Bureau            time:2017-12-25 
  In order to further ensure the quality of network products and strengthen the supervision of network market during the "double 12" network centralized promotion, Cixi Bureau jointly organized the spot checks of online merchandise transaction online during the "double 12" period in from December 8th to 22nd.
  The spot checks to clothing and shoes, baby products, household appliances, consumer electronics products, decoration materials and other key trading network of consumer goods, to the local network commodity trading platform, proprietary website as well as the active site for local enterprises to focus, to the main information if there is not bright light, whether the use of standard format provisions against illegal the interests of consumers, whether the sale of quality problems, 3C certified products, the existence of sales state banned goods, the existence of false and illegal Internet advertising and false propaganda carried out to check for key content. In this line of checks, the Bureau's (Branch) attaches great importance to the immediate action, check the shop more than 200, which due to violation of the "People's Republic of China Anti Unfair Competition Law" investigation and 1, because the subject is not timely updated information and other reasons shall be ordered to correct 7, effectively purify the network transaction environment.