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Haishu issued the first town, township, streets and departments special equipment safety duties and regulations
Author: Haishu District Market Supervision Bureau            time:2017-10-20 
  During the formal introduction of the "provision" district town streets and the relevant departments of special equipment safety responsibilities of various towns, streets and special equipment safety supervision departments to implement the responsibility to be clear. It is the first time in our city to upgrade the work of special equipment safety supervision to government action.
  In order to adapt to the adjustment of administrative divisions of Haishu district after the town streets and regulatory changes, earnestly implement the relevant units of special equipment safety supervision requirements, the office of the joint meeting of special equipment safety in Haishu district district government approved the basic safety work of special equipment adjustment zone joint conference member unit, premenstrual full investigation and solicit all towns and villages, streets and other relevant departments to study and formulate the opinions, the provisions of the "Haishu town streets and the relevant departments of the special equipment safety responsibilities". "Regulations" two subordinate duties of supervision and supervision of the relevant departments to make a clear responsibility unit, to implement the provisions of the various towns and villages, streets of special equipment safety and territorial regulatory responsibility, fulfill the four "special equipment safety supervision duties", strengthen the territorial supervision organization system construction, carry out accident emergency rescue and the provisions of the district; market supervision department, safety supervision departments and industry departments, public security departments and other member units of the specific responsibilities and requirements.
  "Responsibility provisions" issued, the implementation of special equipment safety supervision rules, contribute to the implementation of the relevant departments and township streets and district (joint meeting of members of the unit) the regulatory responsibility, help to improve the area of special equipment safety supervision mechanism, deepen the work of special equipment safety level of multiple governance.